Altaro Free Webinar: What’s New in Windows Server 2019

Altaro Free Webcast: What’s New in Windows Server 2019

Altaro software is running a free webinar: what’s New in Windows Server 2019. The timing, October the 3rd, could not be better as Microsoft Ignite lies right behind us and we can all use some help in putting that barrage of announcements in to context. That help is here and offered by industry experts like Andy Syrewicze, Rob Corradini and Symon Perriman.

So register here an get some insights, views and guidance from industry experts on the value of Windows Server 2019 and what this means to so many of us in the IT field. As our industry is changing and new balances are found, let me say that Windows Server 2019 will play a significant role in the next years building the future of IT.


My take

The industries I advise know I advocate Serverless, containers and servers as well as PAAS & SAAS. My strength lies in the fact I know the IT stack. Compute, storage, memory and networks. I started my career developing code and as such I know code needs an excellent environment to run it so it can shine. I also know I don’t know a lot. So I’m active in the community,  attend conferences, listen and learn from other peoples and vendors their point of view and insights. You must avoid tunnel vision and echo chambers. But you also must grasp your own industry and business in order to make decisions and move ahead.

Observe, orient, decide and act in a never ending cycle. So register or Altaro’s free webinar: what’s New in Windows Server 2019 and get a head start in this process. I have registered and intent to attend unless work priorities prevent me from doing so. I most certainly hope not! See you there. Register here. It.s free, all you got to do is show up and invest some time in your own future.

Webinar: 3 Emerging Technologies that will change the way you use Hyper-V

I have the pleasure of doing a webinar on October 24th 2017 with two fellow MVPs. They are Andy Syrewicze  from Altaro who organize the webinar and Thomas Mauer who’s well know expert in the tech community and beyond on Cloud and Data Center technologies.

The subject of the webinar is 3 Emerging Technologies that will change the way you use Hyper-V. It’s a panel style discussion amongst the 3 of us technology and trends that effect everyone in this business.

  • Public cloud computing platforms such as Azure and AWS
  • Azure Stack and the complete abstraction of Hyper-V
  • Containers and microservices: why they are game changers


There will be time for questions and discussions as we expect the subject to be of great interest to all. For my part I’ll try to look at the bigger picture of the technologies both from a product a service perspective as well as from a strategic point of view and a part of a doctrine to achieve an organizations goals.

WEBINAR: Troubleshooting Microsoft Hyper-V – 4 Tales from the Trenches

I’ve teamed up with Altaro as a guest in one of their Hyper-V webinars to discuss trouble shooting Microsoft Hyper-V. I’ll be joining my fellow Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management  Andy Syrewicze for this in a virtual cross Atlantic team

WEBINAR: Troubleshooting Microsoft Hyper-V - 4 Tales from the Trenches

We’ll give you some pointers on good practices and where to start when things go south. We’ll also add some real world examples to the mix to spice things up. As you can imagine these issues are often a lot more fun after the facts and after having solved them. If you work in IT long enough you know that one day (or night) trouble will come knocking and that the stress related with that can be gut wrenching.

The good news is that it isn’t the end of the world. In well designed and managed environment you can minimize downtime and you do not have to suffer through unrecoverable losses as long as you’re well prepared. We hope this webinar will help the attendees prevent those problems in their environment. If not, it will provide you with some insight on how to prepare for and handle them.

The webinar is on February 25th, 2016 at 4pm CET / 10am EST!

The time has been chosen to make it feasible for as many many people across all time zones to attend. So, go on, register, it’s free and both Andy and I are looking forward to sharing our trouble shooting tales from the trenches.


Altaro Backup for Hyper-V Has Gifts for the Festive Season

Here’s an early X-Mas gift from Altaro. They are giving away 50 free licenses of their desktop backup solution to all Hyper-V admins until December 24th 2012. Altaro is better known for their cost effective and good Hyper-V Backup product.

There is no catch. Now there is no such thing as a free lunch in life but there are some very decent meals to be gotten at very democratic pricing. This is one such case. All you need to do is send them a screenshot of Hyper-V in your environment that proves that you’re really using Hyper-V. I guess that means I qualify due to the amount of Hyper-V related screenshots on my blog Winking smile. I’m going to check it out for sure.

What do you get? 50 licenses of their desktop backup solution ($2,000 worth of software). You’re free to use them in your company, at home of as a gift to friends and family. 50 Licenses is something that a lot of companies using Hyper-V in the SMB market can leverage to protect their desktops so that’s a pretty nice gift.

If you’re interested you can go to

There more information about Altaro Hyper-V Backup at and If you’re a SMB shop in need of easy to use, affordable backup software for Hyper-V and want one that has full support for all features in Windows Server 2012 you should try them out. In that respect they were very fast to market beating most or all competitors I know (a lot of them still don’t have that support) They are also a non-aggressive vendor, which is something I appreciate.