Ben Armstrong Interviewed by Carsten Rachfahl on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V

During the 2013 Global MVP Summit Carsten Rachfahl (@hypervserver) interviewed Ben Armstrong (@VirtualPCGuy.) who is the senior program manager for Hyper-V and as such the guy who has the honorable job of herding us cats Smile during the MVP Summit (he does an excellent job). Click the picture below to view the interview or visit Videointerview mit Ben Armstrong über Hyper-V


This interview took place at the CenturyLink Field stadium in Seattle (home of the Seahawks) where we had our little summit party and turned out to be a real gem and we have to thank Carsten for his efforts and Ben for giving the interview. Watch it all to the end to see that we’re all pretty convinced about the qualities of Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V!

Carsten Rachfahl Interviews Me On Windows Server 2012 Storage Improvements

Carsten Rachfahl, a German Hyper-V Expert, friend and fellow MVP, interviewed me after the joint MVP effort at TEC 2012 in Barcelona. The subject was storage in Windows Server 2012. We found a great setting in the garden and got into quite a nice discussion on the subject.

It’s no surprise to anyone I guess that I’m very enthusiastic about what Microsoft is doing with storage on all levels in Windows Server 2012 and is trying to achieve for us, the customers from both a cost and performance and reliability perspective. It was a lot of fun to do and I see blinking lights in our eyes at many moments during this interview. Yes, working is important for many reasons, but when you can enjoy your work and have fun whilst doing it, life is pretty good Smile. So enjoy, we certainly did.


Carsten Rachfahl interviews me on 10Gbps networking with Hyper-V

I was in Frankfurt Germany last week at The Experts Conference 2011 Europe ( I met up with a lot of great IT professionals from the on line community as you can read in a previous blog post . The video interview that was mentioned in that post is now on line. It’s a very good quality one and Carsten Rachfahl made an excellent interviewer who manages to make the entire process both educational and enjoyable.

The results are available for all to view right here on Carsten’s site (in German) where you can also find his other blog posts