Shared nothing live migration with a virtual switch change and VLAN ID configuration

Introduction I was working on a hardware refresh, consolidation and upgrade to Windows Server 2019 project. This mainly boils down to cluster operating system rolling upgrades from Windows Server 2016 to Windows Server 2019 with new servers replacing the old … Continue reading

Live Migration Fails due to non-existent SharedStoragePath or ConfigStoreRootPath

Introduction I was tasked to troubleshoot a cluster where cluster aware updating (CAU) failed due to the nodes never succeeding going into maintenance mode. It seemed that none of the obvious or well know issues and mistakes that might break … Continue reading

High performance live migration done right means using SMB Direct

I  saw people team two 10GBps NICs for live migration and use TCP/IP. They leveraged LACP for this as per my blog Teamed NIC Live Migrations Between Two Hosts In Windows Server 2012 Do Use All Members . That was … Continue reading

Jumbo Frame Settings & Slow or Failing Live Migrations over SMB Direct

The Problem I recently had to trouble shoot a Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V cluster where SMB Direct is leveraged for live migration. It seemed to work, sometime perfectly but at times it but it was in “slow” motion. The … Continue reading