4 thoughts on “Do not forget to add needed PowerShell Modules to your Azure Automation account

  1. Nice post. How do you find the process of importing modules for hybrid environments? I’ve tried packaging the server modules up as zip files and importing, but it’s hit and miss. Some of the modules seem to require a lot of attention to get them working. Is there a better way of working for this situation?

    • Bar some automaton of importing modules no. The thing that rips me over often are dependencies and somehow when using only a single automation account every modules ends up being installed over time. But changes are frequent and it all takes some baby sitting for updating. I hope that get’s automated as well in the future.

      • Thanks, so do you think that Azure Automation is still a good solution for hybrid environments despite the complexities (and, as you say, the module dependencies)? Still better that Azure Pack?

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