Multi Site SAN Storage & Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Efforts Under Way

First some stats: 36 pallets of hardware handled over a period of 10 days. 29 of those over a period of 3 days. Most of it didn’t even exist at the beginning of the month, it was just an order. But DELL is a logistical force to be reckoned with. “Easy as DELL” is a reality, the speed at which they respond to request and orders is amazing. For quality/price balance, service, logistics, speed and support, it’s hard to beat them

A lot of people are used to dealing with slower processes and think SANs take at least 2 to 3 months to de delivered after ordering. This means they are caught of guard by this. I’m happy to say I’m not otherwise the data center would have been blocked by a tsunami of packaging material and hardware.

We’ve been busy unloading, unpacking, racking and partially cabling the new hardware coming in for a multi site SAN project. And let’s not forget the labeling. While we are far from finished, this good news. We’re finally busy working on the installation after the long time consuming process of procuring the equipment. That’s never an easy process, let alone a fast one. But I digress.

What are we working with?

  • Dell Compellent SANs (intra and inter site data protection / redundancy)
  • PowerVault MD3600 & MD1200 storage units for disk to disk backup capacity

Now to go from this


to this and beyond  …



Takes quite a while as you can imagine and we still have a ton of stuff to do Smile. I’ll be sharing my experiences and findings via this blog when I can.

My high level design  focuses on scale out to achieve both performance, flexibility and resiliency. We’ll build a modular scale up and scale out solution using commodity hardware and not in a mega redundant, ultra scalable single and very expensive storage solution. You can read more on my views about this subject here Some Thoughts Buying State Of The Art Storage Solutions Anno 2012.For the backup we are following the same approach. We cannot afford to pay the amounts of money that seems to be needed to buy high end backup appliances. We have plans to leverage Windows 2012 to help us achieve this but these are subjects for some other blog posts later.

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