Windows 8 Server Developer Preview: NIC Teaming In The Operating System Works Just Fine

A short blog to share some first experiences with Window 8 Server functionality. I set up a couple of Hyper-V guests with Windows 8 to start playing with some of the functionality that is very promising. One of the first things I just had to try out was NIC teaming in the operating system. Well, the experience is still a little rough as the product is not yet finished but setting up NIC teaming is rather easy and it works like a charm! If this is the experience of future test, then bring it on!


Set it up, just with all defaults and start unplugging cables or disconnecting virtual NICs for the virtual networks in Hyper-V. I guarantee some fun. No pings dropped, no file copies failed Smile

I can also confirm that iSCSI works just like before, not much change there, walk in the park. So, I’m building a cluster with some virtual machines to play some more with new functionalities. I’ll report on that as I find the time between real work, work that pays the bills and some needed R&R once in a while.

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