New-SMBMapping -UseWriteThrough $True

New-SMBMapping -UseWriteThrough $True

As my readers probably know I like networking technologies. I experiment a lot find the best solutions for the challenges at hand. The aim is to make sure what I finally deploy in production is a very solid design. This avoids issues. Details can be very important in all this.

One such details is that in Windows Server 2019 (1809) and Windows 10 1809 mapping an SMB share has gotten a new parameter. For specific use cases, where caching is undesirable, you can now leverage: New-SMBMapping -UseWriteThrough $True

Some software requires and is dependent on the absolute guarantee data is consistent and persisted at all times. If so, the standard behavior of the OS in relation to a SMB 3 share is not enough to achieve this. Backups are such a use case. I wrote an article on this that was published on the StarWind Software blog: 
Windows Server 2019 introduces a new SMB Mapping Option UseWriteThrough

Go have a look and I hope you find it useful. You will find more info on the potential issue it fixes inWhen using file shares as backup targets you should leverage continuous available SMB 3 file shares

2 thoughts on “New-SMBMapping -UseWriteThrough $True

  1. Is this New-SmbMapping for when you setup a new file share or is this for tweaking an already existing file share? I have a Server 2019 file share that services files mac users access and run an application the runs a job utilizing the files on this share that ran fine on their old server 2008 but now after migration the job doesnt complete overnight.

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