Hit me baby one more time or the Faster Fast Ring of Windows 10 Insider Builds

Hit me baby one more time!

This blog is brought to you by Francesco V. Buccoli, a brilliant ex Hyper-V MVP who went blue badge and became a PFE. Why? Because he called me a genius, that’s why!


Here we go again, things are heating up in the last straight track towards RTM of Windows 10. We’re now getting build 10162 right on the heals of build 10159 that basically overran people who were still downloading 10158.

No this is not some PM in Redmond hitting the publish button by mistake again a la “Oops, I did it again” but it’s with intent and purpose. Deliver an awesome client right from the start.

So far it’s all good. The quality of these lasted builds, even during the limited time we get to spend with them, is very good and show real improvements over the entire line. Windows 10 should be ready for rollout at RTM/GA if the quality is this good and only improves.

We lead, we weren’t born to follow.

Now, go download it already and I’ll quit the cheesy music references Winking smile

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