HP Discover 2011 in Vienna

I’m off to Vienna (Austria) to attend HP Discover next week. The idea is to go look at their kit and learn a bit more about what’s available and possible. I hope to discuss their offerings with them and I will have storage as my main focus. This is because things are about to get busy in that area for us.  I’ll also provide them with some feedback on our experiences, what we like, don’t like etc. Call it “the good, the bad and the ugly" of free (no I don’t need or want a free Amazon gift card to provide it) customer feedback if you like.

I appreciate a chance to provide feedback to vendors directly and I do think it is important. Not because I have that much to say or have such a big impact but because apart from sales figures it’s the best way to help them and thus us as customers to get good things enhanced and broken stuff fixed.

If there is one thing that a lot of vendors are missing is a better view of the opportunities in the SME market that has a need for enterprise level features but on a smaller budget. That does exist and that market can be tapped more than it is now. Sometimes it seems like the commercial offerings in this market are divided in small & large and the sizes in between are crushed or forgotten between those two markets. I hear this a lot from colleagues & friends as well, so it’s not just me. We’re not the huge budget crowd but make up for that in numbers. We’ll see what HP has to offer that segment of the market in 2012.