Azure Virtual WAN custom route tables video

Azure Virtual WAN custom route tables video

I made an Azure Virtual WAN custom route tables video to demonstrate and explain its principles. At the moment I am investigating everything that is going on around Azure Virtual WAN. One of the enhanced capabilities that is being rolled out right now at the time of routing, is custom route tables. This was supposed to be done by the week of August the 3rd but apparently there are some delays.

That does not diminish the fact that this is very useful and powerful addition to the capabilities with Azure Virtual WAN Hub routing. I advise you to look into this. Stay in the know as Azure Virtual WAN is taking off. In my opinion it is the future of Azure Networking and it has me really excited about the capabilities.

To help with my own understanding of Azure Virtual WAN and custom routing tables I creates some slide decks to present about it and learn about it whilst doing so. I also created a video.

Azure Virtual WAN hub routing

In the official documentation explains the concept and the principles by which custom route tables work. They also provide some scenarios to help you understand it all. I have taken some of these scenarios and used them to create some step by step walk throughs to help explain how it works. It also helped me wrap my head around it whilst learning about it.

I hope you enjoy the video and will find it useful. As said, interesting times ahead for Azure networking with Azure Virtual WAN moving ahead and becoming a richer and better tool. Take a look and see how you like it.

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