Altaro Hyper-V Backup 3.5 Supports Windows 2012

Altaro is one of the first backup vendors to support Windows Server 2012 with release of Hyper-V Backup v3.5. It has few that can match that speed to market and then we’re talking the likes of CommVault who Altaro can teach some lessons left and right (I should know, I’m a long time CommVault customer and whilst a great product they should really address some issues, hire a GUI developer is one, get decent information and accessible support is another, we won’t even mention pricing Winking smile).

With Altaro Hyper-V Backup v3.5. we get full support Windows Server 2012. That is CSV 2.0, VSS backups of SMB 3.0  etc. As an early adaptor I can appreciate the speed and time to market of a backup product. I do not like 3rd party vendors keeping me back of getting the most of Volume License software assurance so these things matter to me when selecting products.

Check out htttp:// for more information. Some of their customers are enough to make you look at their solution. At least it made me do so => Harvard University, Max-Planck Institute, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Princeton University, US Geological Survey, … etc. (I’m a scientist by training so yes these customers appeal to me Smile) .

Disclaimer: No I did not ever accept any offer for sponsorship from any vendor, even if asked, just because I wanted to make sure you know who’s story I’m telling.

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