Performance Demo of PMEM in Hyper-V

Performance Demo of PMEM in Hyper-V

After a couple of successful presentations on Persistent Memory (PMEM) I created a performance demo of PMEM in Hyper-V video to showcase the performance. I am not a great video talent so this is a bit rough but it does get the message across.

The performance of PMEM is nothing short of impressive. A video might help showcase this better than a screenshot. If 1.5 million IOPS in a VM doesn’t get you excited look at the latency of 0.04 ms or less with a workload of 8K IO size, 30% write, 30% random IO.

The direct link to the video is

How to configure PMEM for Hyper-V

A follow-up video is to come soon. In that one, I configure PMEM in the BIOS, on the host and present it to a virtual machine on Windows Server 2019. I hope the results of the IO tests in this Performance Demo of PMEM in Hyper-V in this video will get you interested in how to set this up.

A bright future

Persistent Memory has a bright future all across the industry in servers, storage arrays, IoT and mobile devices, laptops and PC’s especially if MRAM and NRAM ever take off. My interest in it reminds me of the time when I started looking beyond 10/40Gbps networking and RDMA. The progress there converges excellently with persistent memory and FPGAs to show the path to composable infrastructure and help us deal with ever more data and processing needs.

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