I’m Attending The MVP Summit 2012

I’ll be attending the MVP Summit 2012 in Redmond from the 27th of February to the 2nd of March. I consider myself very lucky to be able to do so and I’m grateful that my employer is helping me make use of this opportunity. I appreciate that enormously.

So my hotel is booked, my flights are scheduled. It’s a long flight with a lengthy stopover in Heathrow. I actually spend a day travelling to and from the event. But I’m told it’s very much worth the effort Smile and I got some great tips from some veteran MVPs in the community. For newbies who can use some information on the MVP summit take a look at What to expect at your first MVP Summit by Pat Richard.


I also look forward to meeting so many peers in person and attending all the briefings where we’ll learn a lot of valuable new things about Hyper-V. I cannot talk about them as they are under NDA but there will be many opportunities to provide feedback to the product teams in my expertise “Virtual Machine’” (i.e. Hyper-V). I have a bunch of questions & feedback for the product teams.

From my colleagues I have learned it’s also a good way to help pass feedback from others on to Microsoft. So this is your chance. Take it! What do you like or need in the virtualization products. What should be enhanced and what is hurting you? What works and what doesn’t?  What is missing?

With Windows 8 going into beta by next month don’t expect immediate actions and changes based on your feedback. But if you want to have your opinions taken into consideration you have to let them be heard. So don’t be shy now! Let me know. Sincere & real concerns, along with problems, challenges and feedback on your experiences with the product are very much appreciated.

So, if you have any remarks, feedback, feature requests you’d like to share with the virtualization product teams let me know. Just post them in the comments, send me a e-mail via the contact form or message me via @workinghardinit on twitter. My colleagues tell me the program managers in the virtualization area are a very communicative and responsive bunch. I think that’s true from my experiences with them in the past.

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