Experts2Experts Conference London (UK) 2011

I’m at the Experts2Experts Conference in London and I’m having a great time talking shop, tech & business with my fellow IT Pro colleagues from around Europe. Aidan Finn, Jeff Wouters, Carsten Rachfahl, Ronnie Isherwood.

It might be fun for Microsoft to join us for some of these lunch & dinner time dicussions. It would provide them with great feedback, ideas, concerns. Very educational. While we’re discussing Citrix, VMware, Microsoft & ISV solutions (RES, Appsense) this is not a vendor centric conference. Sure we all work with these products but we’re discussing it from our point of view. The challenges, the issues, the successes & failures are discussed and mentioned.

There’s a high density of virtualization, private cloud, desktop virtualization (VDI, Terminal Servers, Application Virtualization, Client hosted virtual desktops etc.) expertise at the conference to make it interesting.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some musings on “High Performance & High availability Networks for Hyper-V Clusters” during my session.

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