New Version of ExFolders that is Exchange 2010 SP1 Compatible

I’ve mentioned the tool Exfolders before in   It’s a great tool and a worthy successor for PFDAVadmin.Now please note that when you upgrade to Exchange 2010 SP1 you’ll need to update the Exfolders tool as well. You can find the E2K10SP1 compatible version here: I’m happy to see that the new version of the tool is released in sync with the service pack. It’s a very handy an valuable tool to have. PFDAVadmin users already know this from experience. You can also use it to connect to an Exchange 2007 server but you need to run if on an Exchange 2010 server.

For more information about the tool take a look at this blog post by the Exchange Team: Don’t forget to read the instructions and follow them, especially regarding the import of the TurnOffSNVerificationForExFolders.reg file or the tool will crash.

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