The World Could Be Like Star Trek the Google Way

If Google gets it way the world might become a bit more like Star Trek. For the past 9 years  .NET made a truck load of languages understand each other in the developer world.  Now this bliss could become available for the entire world population. According to this article

we’ll be able to talk to Chinese, Indian, Russian, etc … colleagues and acquaintances over the phone in our native language and they’ll hear it in their own. If this works well (can’t be easy, far form) it will rock! I can already imagine myself at a conference talking face to face over a phone with a Brazilian IT Pro!

Excuse me now cause I’m of to the Holodeck with a couple of super models to teach them about Hyper-V and how to set up Live Migration. When their looks start to go, they’ll be able to earn a living in IT. These ladies are some smart cookies investing wisely in their future ;-).

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