Renewed as Microsoft MVP for 2019-2020

Renewed as Microsoft MVP for 2019-2020

I am renewed as Microsoft MVP for 2019-2020! Yesterday, Juli 1st 2019 while reading my e-mail in the afternoon, one just more just arrived. What’s good about that? This is 2019 and many (still) struggle with too much e-mail. So that this one more is hardly blog post worthy. But still, this one is important. This e-mail announced that I am renewed as Microsoft MVP for 2019-2020 in Cloud & Datacenter Management.

This is great news to get on a Monday. This calls for a celebration. On the 4th of July we are having small party at night with a buddy form North America so we’ll combine both festivities.

One more year

I count myself lucky to be part of this program. I look forward to working with the product managers again and heading back over to Redmond in 2020. Thank you Microsoft for the trust, the insights, the two-way feedback that will ultimately lead to better decisions and products.

In the end this ties in to Microsoft’s mission which is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. We live in a world where things change fast. As a side effect, sometimes things don’t last very long. In such an environment a continuous feedback and decision loop is one of the necessities to make progress without getting lost. I will happily contribute to that.

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