Flying To Microsoft TechEd 2013 Europe

So here I go again. I’m of to TechEd 2013 Europe in Madrid at the IFEMA’s Convention and Congress Centers.


I have not missed one this century. It’s such a great conference, where I get to meet & talk to so many people I can learn from, that I always try to make it. This year will be a very interesting one as the R2 wave is flooding us with information and we’ll get the pre view bits in the week of TechEd (26th of June)!


Even in this day and age of on line content & conferences there is tremendous value in attending a good tech event like this. For one you can give you undivided attention to what’s going on. You can talk to the presenters and the many experts (program managers, regional directors, MVPs, vendor technicians) & colleagues that are their to talk shop & get you questions answered. I also have some side sessions to attend an people to meet. It pays to get out off the office and do this. We need a sustained effort to keep up, train, learn and educate our selves. Attending TechEd is part of that effort. There is no doubt in my mind that a conference done right  pays itself back multiple times.

Hope to see you there and if not don’t forget there’s a lot of live streaming going on. Next to that you can get the content on line the day after. Take advantage of this here.


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