2010 My First Year of Blogging & Using Twitter

Well 2010 is coming to an end. This year to me was special because it was the first year I decided to speak out on some issues,subjects and ideas on line via blogging and twitter. The idea behind both was to share knowledge and ideas, promote interaction, getting or keeping in touch with colleagues and using it as a way to exchange pointers to information or even as a lightweight support tool. That has been a success. A big benefit is that I can refer myself and others to the blog as a documentation system for solutions and musings. I’ve been able to reach out to many knowledgeable professionals and experts and I’ve enjoyed both getting and providing assistance. There is a very helpful and smart bunch of people out there, who contribute a lot to the community some of whom I had the pleasure of meeting at Tech Ed Europe 2010.  Being helpful brings me to a point Aidan Finn http://www.aidanfinn.com/?p=11002  recently touched on in a blog post: people expecting or even demanding all things for free. There is no such thing as a free lunch and what goes around comes around. I had to tell people to document their problems and post them on the forums, that’s what they exist for. Most people do that but some expect a solution to a problem that they describe as “it doesn’t work”.  I hope people got something out of the blogs and out of the twitter interaction in the same way I do form their contributions. One of the main questions I had when posting my first blog was if would be able to produce some content worthwhile posting and keep doing it over a prolonged period of time. That went reasonably well I think. In 2011 I’d like to share some knowledge and ideas via workshops, lunch & learns beyond the normal “internal” public. I’ll see how that goes. Good content, good delivery and useful application of shared knowledge of that isn’t that easy and takes quite and effort. That’s definitely something I appreciate. I wish all my IT colleagues a great end of 2010 and a very prosperous, successful, fun and healthy 2011.

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