Tech Ed 2010 Sunday November 7th–Monday November 8th

The railways made a small effort to delay us but we got to the airport in time. The flight was swift and I dozed off most of the time. Took a cab to the IBIS Messe hotel and checked in. I got a smokers room. Not good! I opened the window and let the air flow in. Messe couldn’t change the room and claimed that they didn’t know I was not a smoker. Well I only booked in June … not long enough to even ask I guess. Time to get out of here and get to the Messe to register. The weather is gray, and rainy.

Well the Tech Ed 2010 Europe bag was a let down. Probably the worst bag ever (not counting the silly trolleys in 2002) and not something that will be of much use during or after the event.

There was no access to the communications net Sunday and there is no wireless cover in the reception hall so we all cleared out fast.

Tonight I’ll have dinner with some colleagues and tomorrow I’m doing the Lync pre conference work shop. After that it’s welcome drink at the exhibitors hall where I’ll meet up with some mates and connections. Around 20:00 it’s dinner time with some of our Microsoft representatives.

I’ll try to put out some more info when possible. So watch this space and twitter.

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